Contact your MP to request support for the LB Bill

I have written to Nick Clegg to ask for his sponsorship of  and support for the LB Bill. This is in response to a campaign calling on disabled people, their families and allies to encourage their MPs to do so. Even if an MP has already been contacted the more people they hear from then the more attention they need to pay to the issue. The LB Bill seeks to secure equality of rights and choice for disabled people and their families. It is very easy to contact your MP and all the information and links you need can be found at

Tomorrow is an important day for the Bill (details in the link above) so the more MPs we can contact today the better.

Best Wishes

Nick Hodge


About The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

The Autism Centre is part of the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion within the Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University. The Autism Centre promotes a view of autism as a different way of being. Whilst many people may live happy and accomplished lives with autism, different ways of being can challenge and confuse others. To help with understanding The Autism Centre delivers accredited courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Its team of academics engage with research and consultancy and publish widely on the autism spectrum and disability.
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