Good Inclusive Practice Conference: Professionals and ParentCarers Working Together

Thursday June 12th 2014 9am -1.00pm, DoubleTree Hotel, Sheffield

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The Children and Families Act 2014 and the anticipated new SEN Code of Practice emphasise the importance of schools and other services working in partnership with parents and carers. This is positioned as critical to the enabling of high quality educational provision for children and young people with special educational needs. This conference will identify the structures that need to be in place to make working in partnership an empowering reality rather than empty rhetoric. Presenters include parents and carers, researchers and those working in schools. Together we will explore what works in partnership, what does not and how we can improve on current practice. This conference will be useful for all those who want to improve the quality of educational experience for pupils through developing more effective partnerships.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole & Dr Nick Hodge

Amanda Willcox/Garry Devine, Sheffield Parent Carer Forum:

Dr Pippa Murray, IBK Initiatives:






About The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

The Autism Centre is part of the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion within the Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University. The Autism Centre promotes a view of autism as a different way of being. Whilst many people may live happy and accomplished lives with autism, different ways of being can challenge and confuse others. To help with understanding The Autism Centre delivers accredited courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Its team of academics engage with research and consultancy and publish widely on the autism spectrum and disability.
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