Fund raising for justice for LB and all disabled people in the care of organisations

A friend of The Autism Centre, Sara,  lost her lovely son LB this year when he died aged 18 from a seizure in the bath at an Assessment hospital in Oxford. LB had been left unattended by the staff whom his family had entrusted to take care of him.  Sara and her family are fighting an expensive legal battle to try and reduce the chances of such an event happening to other families and to make sure that people understand how much LB’s life mattered. Already investigations have evidenced the lack of care shown to the residents and the facility is now closed to new admissions.

Sara and her family have set up a fund to raise money to continue this legal battle. To do this they are selling as greeting cards and postcards copies of some of LB’s beautiful artwork. Please do have a look in case you are able to make a purchase. See

You can read more about this fight for justice and change on Sara’s blog at

Below is an excerpt from this blog in which Sara explains why the family have started this fund:

We’ve set up a fund. It’s only taken around 3 months to organise and think about, but it’s now in existence and the full details are available here; LB’s Fighting Fund. Basically, in amongst the horror of the events of early summer, we found out that it was hugely important to get legal representation at the inquest. Without this, it would be harder (or pretty much impossible) for us to find out exactly why LB died, and what changes should be made to ensure that no other dudes experience what he experienced. This legal representation is hugely expensive.

So, so outrageously and enragingly unfair. Our son died, in the ‘care’ of the state, and we have to pay. Another example of a stinking system. We are lucky to have an exceptional legal team fighting LB’s corner (this is probably clear from the twists and turns of the past few months), including some pro-bono support (for which we are enormously grateful). We still need to raise in excess of £10,000 over the following months.

While thinking about fundraising, we hit on the idea of producing postcards, greetings cards and A5 prints of a couple of LB’s fantastic pictures. Crowdsourcing funds through selling single postcards at £1.50 (including p&p) with a range of alternatives to suit most pockets. So crack on over to LB’s Fighting Fund and order some postcards. Let’s get these babies pinging all over the country.

PS: This fund is to raise money purely to cover legal costs. If any of these costs are eventually recovered, or if LB’s artwork goes viral and outstrips the legal costs, we will split any remaining money between two charities; and OxFSN



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