Changes at The Autism Centre: Farewell Sue Chantler…Hello Mitzi Waltz

There are changes at The Autism Centre as we say farewell to Sue Chantler who retires from Sheffield Hallam on Thursday 27th September. As teacher, headteacher, academic, colleague and friend Sue has been active in autism in Sheffield for many years. Sue’s dedication to her students is widely acknowledged and her skill and expertise will be much missed. I know that her support for the autism community will continue but I would like to mark Sue’s transition into retirement with the biggest thank you possible for the dedication, commitment, talent and expertise that Sue has brought to The Autism Centre. We are devastated by her going but of course celebrate with Sue all the exciting new opportunities that will be coming her way.

I know that Sue ‘s concerns over leaving The Autism Centre have been greatly eased by our good fortune in being able to welcome Dr. Mitzi Waltz to The Autism Centre to take over from Sue the leadership of the Undergraduate and MA (Autism) programmes. Previously Mitzi was a Lecturer in Autism Studies with the Autism Centre for Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, having moved to the UK in 2001 to work with the Autism Research Unit at Sunderland.

In 2006, Mitzi earned her PhD in the history of autism, and she has authored nine books on the autism spectrum and other health topics during a long career as a freelance journalist.

Mitzi describes herself as an “autism activist,” and she has been involved in education advocacy, healthcare action, and looking at the ethical concerns raised by some autism research directions and interventions.

Mitzi identifies as most important in her autism history the fact that she is the parent of a terrific young man who has autism. Mitzi is often heard to say “been there, did that, got the army boots to prove it.” Welcome to SHU Mitzi.


About The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

The Autism Centre is part of the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion within the Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University. The Autism Centre promotes a view of autism as a different way of being. Whilst many people may live happy and accomplished lives with autism, different ways of being can challenge and confuse others. To help with understanding The Autism Centre delivers accredited courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Its team of academics engage with research and consultancy and publish widely on the autism spectrum and disability.
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2 Responses to Changes at The Autism Centre: Farewell Sue Chantler…Hello Mitzi Waltz

  1. Lionel G. Evans says:

    Hello The Autism Centre,

    I am a PhD Candidate at Central Queensland University and I am trying to make contact with Dr Mitzi Waltz. Could you please forward me Dr Waltz’s email contact to me?

    Kind Regards
    Lionel G. Evans
    PhD Candidate
    Central Queensland University
    Bundaberg Queensland Australia

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