Wishing Luke Beardon good luck

The Autism Centre is wishing its own Dr. Luke Beardon good luck this week with his nomination for a National Autistic Society lifetime achievement award. Read about Luke’s call for a change in attitudes towards autism in a recent Yorkshire Post article http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/debate/columnists/luke-beardon-we-need-to-change-attitudes-to-autism-1-7113789

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You say …I hear – Reflecting on breakdowns in communication between practitioners and parents/carers

Click here to access a short animation that depicts some of the thinking that Katherine Runswick-Cole and Nick Hodge have been doing around practitioner-parent/carer conversations. They are interested in why communication sometimes breaks down and the impact that this can have on the well being of all parties concerned, including children and young people. Katherine and Nick suggest that practitioners need to learn and reflect more about how individual parents and carers experience and view the world. Only when you can appreciate the context of someone’s life and situation can you fully realise how your words might be received and understood.  Although this may sound an overwhelming task it really comes down to asking ‘and how are things with you?’

This presentation was delivered on 3rd February 2015 at the Educational Rights Alliance Conference in London

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Conference: Successful Transitions in Education for C& YP with SEND. 12th March 2015

Conference: Successful Transitions in Education 12th March 2015

A half day conference for all those interested in how transitions are experienced by children and young people with SEND and their parents and carers. Together we will reflect on these experiences and identify ways of providing more effective support. Click on the link above for further details and a booking form.

Please circulate the information to your contacts.

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Justice for LB on Newsnight

BBC 2’s Newsnight team have been filming interviews about the Justice for LB campaign http://justiceforlb.org.  The feature may well be shown this evening. Newsnight begins at 22.30.

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Happy Christmas

Everyone at The Autism Centre wishes you a happy Christmas and the very best for 2015.

Lights card image

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A TV company are looking for people with autism to take part in a programme about employment

Please see below a call from a company called Optomen TV who are hoping that the BBC will commission a programme that will demonstrate the positive contribution people with autism can make to the workplace.

A new BBC project is looking for people with Asperger Syndrome who are job seekers to help with research. The project team are keen to contact people with autism who feel they have skills to offer employers but who are finding it difficult to get a job.

The idea of this project is to look at the science of how people who could be considered to have a neuro -diversity are an asset to an employer, focusing on individual strengths, rather than difficulties.

If you would like to find out more please contact Emma or Simon at Optomen TV.

020 3227 5927


The project also has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Employ-Me-Optomen-TV/805137639556390.

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Online: Alison Debenham’s talk: ‘A different story: My life as an AS woman’

Message from Abby at ShARL

The video from Alison Debenham’s talk: ‘A different story: My life as an AS woman’ is now available on YouTube. You can access it here.



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