Free screening and discussion of My Autism and Me Wednesday 8th February


One of The Autism Centre’s PhD students, Hannah Ebben, will facilitate a discussion on the programme My Autism and Me, featuring Sheffield’s Rosie King.

Free to attend and all are welcome

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ibk Initiatives PDA Training Events for parents/carers and practitioners

Please note that this is not an Autism Centre Event


ibk Initiatives are presenting two training events on PDA on January 23rd and 24th 2017. Please follow the link for more information.

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Rowan School, Sheffield seeks a new Headteacher skilled in autism

Rowan School is an outstanding primary special school in Sheffield. If you are interested in being its next headteacher then please check out the information at

Please circulate as widely as possible.

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Developing the rights approach for autism by Nick Hodge, March 14th 2017. Free Event


The Autism Centre’s Nick Hodge is giving his professorial inaugural lecture on Tuesday March 14th 2017 18.00-20.00. It is entitled Developing the Rights Approach for Autism. Information and booking for this free event can be found at

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Fancy studying for a full time or part time funded PhD?

Sheffield Hallam University is offering some full time and part time bursaries for PhD study. Study with The Autism Centre is possible within this. More information is available at

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Let’s make it a happy christmas for disabled families

The Autism Centre’s Nick Hodge has written a blog entry for the Sheffield Institute of Education. In this Nick argues that the exclusionary acts of Government and Schools reveal a lack of understanding of what it means to be a disabled family. You can download the blog at:

There is a petition in support of the issues raised within the blog. Please do circulate as widely as possible. We just need 7 more signing before Christmas to reach 300:

The Autism Centre wishes all of our community a very happy Christmas. Thank you for all your hard work in improving autism provision and enabling the achievement of aspirations for people with autism. Looking forward to 2017.

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Important petition to help low income families of disabled children. Please sign

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs refuses to pay tax credits owed to low income families of disabled children.

Please sign the petition to get this ruling overturned at  (

Please circulate the petition to your networks.

Since 2011 28000 low income families who are caring for a disabled child have been underpaid by HMRC  by up to £4400 per year for those whose children have profound and multiple impairments. This is because of an error in the system so that DWP did not inform HMRC that the families were entitled to Disability Living Allowance. As a result each year the families received less than their entitlement. Now aware of the error HMRC will pay the families what they are owed for 2016-17 but they will not do so for previous years. HMRC argues that it was the responsibility of parents and carers to check that they were receiving the correct amount.

There is no legal barrier to HMRC paying these families what they are owed. The decision to deny them is a policy one and illustrates the disconnect between how Government departments imagine the lives of families of disabled children and how these are actually lived. Some families will have lost approximately £20000. To senior government officials this may not seem a terrific amount but to low income families with disabled children this is a transformative fortune. It is therefore vital that we get this decision overturned and the monies owed paid to these families in full.

The Autism Centre’s Nick Hodge has started this petition to request that Edward Timpson as Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families intervenes

 BBC report on this issue is at


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