Supporting the development of a positive sense of self in pupils with autism. Event: Sheffield, April 6th 2017


See flyer for details

Research evidence suggests that pupils with autism experience significant


issues in the development of a positive sense of self. Problems with


identifying who you are and finding your place in the world can lead to


feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and despair. All of these are


barriers to learning and achievement. This event will explore how and


why these problems might arise and together we will suggest ways of


working that might enable the development of a more positive sense of


self. Thrive is growing in popularity as an approach to enable children’s


social and emotional well-being. Together we will evaluate its potential


to support pupils with autism





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Headship is readvertised for Rowan School, Sheffield

Rowan School has just readvertised for a new headteacher. Details can be found at


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Check out Disability Sheffield’s great website

It is well worth taking a look at Disability Sheffield’s website. You can find out about the organisation and sign up for local and national disability news by visiting

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Article on The Autism War by Professor Nick Hodge in the Sheffield Telegraph

The Autism Centre’s Nick Hodge has an article published today in the Sheffield Telegraph. The focus is The Autism War and you can access the article at

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Free conference on childhood at Sheffield Institute of Education Wed 1st Feb pm

Please note that this is not an Autism Centre event. Nor is the event autism specific.

Wednesday 1st February 2017 1-5pm

One size doesn’t fit all: a conference about the shaping of childhood

“Sheffield Institute of Education will be hosting its inaugural ‘Children’s Conference’ and we want you to join us!

The conference will investigate the diverse factors which shape childhood; from reading to pop music, from family, friends and teachers, to politicians and the media. Together we will be thinking about how children’s lives are shaped by their experiences, the contexts in which they live, and their relationships with those around them.

Professionals and academics will be sharing their work into the diverse notions of childhood, multi-agency working and application of research into the lives of children, and you will have the opportunity to also share your experience and discipline knowledge.

Whether you are planning a career that will involve working directly with children, or just have an interest in children’s lives and want to help make positive changes, this conference will give you the space to debate/discuss, reflect and apply theory and practice”

Booking is at

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Free screening and discussion of My Autism and Me Wednesday 8th February


One of The Autism Centre’s PhD students, Hannah Ebben, will facilitate a discussion on the programme My Autism and Me, featuring Sheffield’s Rosie King.

Free to attend and all are welcome

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ibk Initiatives PDA Training Events for parents/carers and practitioners

Please note that this is not an Autism Centre Event


ibk Initiatives are presenting two training events on PDA on January 23rd and 24th 2017. Please follow the link for more information.

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